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Rieschick Drilling Co. offers a variety of well drilling. We can drill for irrigation, industrial, municipal, domestic, farm (livestock) and well testing purposes. We drill test holes so that your well can be properly designed with the correct gravel pack material and also offer geothermal heat pump loops or geothermal heat pump wells. Our drilling methods consist of Mud Rotary, Reverse Circulation, Air Drilling, or Precusion (Cable Tool) drilling.

Pump Sales

Rieschick Drilling Co. can take care of all your pump requirements or issues. We are a certified Grundfos Water Pro Dealer and have been featured in several magazines as a distributor for the New SmartFlo Plus water system. We offer all types and sizes of Grundfos Pumps. We also offer a full line of Goulds Line Shaft Turbines for your industrial and irrigation needs.
Ryan is our certified Danfoss Variable Frequency Drive installer.

Well Rehabilitation and Video Inspection

Rieschick Drilling Co. can perform a complete Video Inspection of your well. We are equipped with a down-hole camera to give you a complete picture of your well if required for rehabilitation purposes. We have all necessary equipment and material to bring your old well back to life.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

To help alleviate your costs and utilize alternative energy sources, we offer Geo-Excel geothermal heat pumps. We can give you a closed loop system or a well-to-well system; whichever fits your specific needs or preferences. To minimize land disturbance we can also bore the unit up to your home. Give us a call to discuss your different options.

Directional Boring

As an alternate type of drilling, directional boring is less invasive and creates less land disturbance than trenching. This is a perfect option for those who have a well on the opposite side of the road to their house and do not wish to disturb the road. This type of drilling can also be used for embedding phone lines as we’re able to drill underneath nearly anything. We can also work with rural water companies who require extensive boring underneath roads and other encumbrances. Rieschick Drilling Co. is also equipped with a Directional Boring machine and can also perform horizontal boring.

Trenching & Backhoe

Using our equipment, we can dig trenches to support water pipes, wiring, and more.

Geo-Physical Logging

This method allows us to see beyond the walls of your well or bored area. Sensors that collect specific data are lowered into the boring to gather information about the earth and materials that surround it.

Our specialty products include but are not limited to: